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The QEnergySpa, BEFE and what to Expect

What can I expect to feel after a QEnergySpa, BEFE session?


There are many different responses to the bio-energy boost and it is unpredictable as to how you are going to feel after a session with this technology or even how your body is going to respond after a series of sessions. The first cycle is a series of one session every 2nd day, for 35 minutes for 14 sessions.

From experience, it has been noticed that some people become highly energised while others may become very tired and find that they need to rest more to enhance their improvements which the QEnergySpa, BEFE will give them.

So why is that?


Basically, experience have told us that the people who become tired after a session, usually get the extra boost of bio-energy the following day. It is as if the body’s intelligence is telling the body to rest, so that it can go to work and spend that extra bio-energy that it has just given.

In the graph shown below, the red line represents people gaining and feeling an instant boost of bio-energy. The blue, purple and orange lines represent people who become very tired after a session. Each individual person will have a response somewhere between these two extremes.


What am I supposed to feel, while my feet are in the water, with the QEnergySpa, BEFE?

Every person has a different level of sensitivity where one person can feel the bioenergy travel up through their legs, others may feel nothing. While in the session, some people may feel various sensations like tingling, heat or discomfort it is possible people who have had injuries may feel much more but do not necessarly need to feel anything to be getting the benefit of this technology.

What benefits can I expect to see after a session?

Many people while in pain, primarily focus upon the pain and when it goes away, it never was. For this reason, we recommend that you keep a diary of your health concerns so that you can track it. Because this technology is such a gentle gradual process most people don’t even notice those little things that have already improved. For example, jumping out of your car where you previously could not, sleeping better, simply just feeling better and more focussed or being better able to play with your kids or grand kids, without lasting effects.

Many more people start to feel better, forget about the pain and stop the QEnergySpa, BEFE sessions prematurely, before their body has sufficiently repaired the injury, etc. This technology is not just about repairing injuries or healing, it is also about long term benefits and prevention and if you view this technology as a form of bio-energetic maintenance, you could potentially achieve an energetic form of anti-aging. Refer to the document “The QEnergySpa: Anti-Aging Charging Cycle”, for more information.

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