Frequently Asked Questions…

Power Levels – Is more power better?

The QEnergySpa, BEFE delivers a maximum of 3Amps through the interaction with the water.

That is a maximum of about 75Watts of power.

The QEnergySpa, BEFE; BEFE action is about resonance, it is NOT a sledge hammer approach forcing as much power into water as you can.  The Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, BEFE is achieved through a global complex resonant field interaction with water using the QEnergySpa, BEFE Array or Orb.

To turn water black in 30 seconds and claim that the dirt in the water comes from you is wrong…  all you have to do is to deliver more power..  increase the current (Power), add extra salt and the water WILL turn black or dark and dirty very quick.   But as far as any benefits to you, having your feet in this water, this means absolutely nothing.  So to state that because we have 5 Amps, we have BEFE, what in the world does that mean?   Well absolutely nothing.  because unless you use a Q BEFE ARRAY/Orb water module, you will not have BEFE, it is that simple, you will only have electrolysis and ionization in the water, that is it.

The next question is; Does too much power into water have the potential to destroy the water molecules?  Can the water molecules burst if wrongly manhandled?


What is the correct way to have the positive track / clip?

Under the top positive ring and on top of the bottom one as shown below.
Positive track

Is the QEnergySpa, BEFE safe if you have a pacemaker or electrical implant in your body?


It is not recommended people with pacemakers and electrical implants to use the QEnergySpa, BEFE system.

Electricity and water, when using the QEnergySpa, BEFE, is it safe?

Electricity and water, with the QEnergySpa, BEFE you are perfectly safe…

The QEnergySpa, BEFE powersupply produces a low voltage direct current (Vdc) which is very safe.  In fact, the power supply has been designed to meet stringent international electro medical safety standards for special use in bathrooms.
The extra low voltage DC is then further converted by the water module, Orb to a interacting resonant electro magnetic field in the water to elevate the desired bio-energy level.

How do I clean the Orb, water module?

Clean the Orb following a session.

It is recommended that you…

  • Rinse the Orb (water module) in clean warm water, no warmer than you can handle.
  • Place the Orb (water module) in a cleaning solution between 5 – 10 minutes. Please ensure that you use gloves at this stage as no matter which cleaning solution you choose you still need to take appropriate precautions. You may wish to take the Orb apart to clean it but this step is only necessary when changing rings and tracks. You may place the whole Orb in cleaning solution just the way it is.
  • Rinse the Orb (water module) vigorously in a container of warm water to wash off any residual of the cleaning solution, or under fresh running water for at least 30 seconds.

Currently there are four (4) recommended cleaning solutions:

Descale Magic – Descaler & Sanitiser;

Glitz – Calcium Scale & Rust Remover;

CLR – Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover; and

Safe A R – d-LYME-it

Please refer to the Manual for instructions on Page 12 – Cleaning the Orb.


When should I replace the rings in the orb?

It is recommended that one replace the rings and track in the Orb once they have eroded by approximately 10% of their original size.  Also if the rings begin to show a great deal of pitting and lose their tensile strength, it is time to replace the rings. The efficiency and health benefit of the electromagnetic field is greatly reduced when the rings are not replaced appropriately.

                  Replacing the ring and tracks at this stage is recommended.

Worn Rings and Tracks


Do I have to believe in the QEnergySpa for it to work?

No! This is not faith healing and you don’t have to believe in bio-energy therapy for it to work, much in the same way that you don’ t have to believe in physiotherapy for it to work. Although it should be noted that positive thoughts and thinking always assist in any aspects of our lives.

Is the effectiveness of the QEnergySpa, BEFE increased by a ‘good’ source of water?

Effectiveness of a ‘good’ source of water.

It is pretty hard to find a true ‘good’ source of water these days. Even in pristine environments, scientists are still finding toxic levels and distilling the water or putting it through reverse osmosis will not eliminate the memory or the energetic properties of the various exposures. Furthermore, it is not just the toxic exposures that concerns us and alters the water; geological factors such as rock formations/mineral deposits affect the water as does geographical factors such as proximity to radio frequencies, microwaves, electrical appliances as well as solar flares, moon activity. Even the pipe (material and dimensions of the pipe) through which the water flows, has a significant effect on the water.

There is no doubt that a ‘good’ quality water source (with least exposures from man-made products/environments) will slightly increase the effectiveness of the session.
It is worth keeping in mind that the QEnergySpa, BEFE acts predominantly on the core structure of the water itself rather than all the added exposures (all though they do affect the outcome slightly). The same goes for the individual having the session, namely the QEnergySpa, BEFE acts predominantly on the core structure of the water within the individual.

Taking prescription medication, can I still use the QEnergySpa, BEFE?

 Prescription medication.

This question is similar to eating before or while using the QEnergySpa, BEFE. We recommend that you leave a minimum of one (1) hour on either side of the QEnergySpa, BEFE session in order to optimise your results if taking any medicines.
However, if you are on prescription medication, we recommend that you discuss this with your medical practitioner before using the QEnergySpa, BEFE.  If taking prescription medication, it is recommended that you leave a two (2) hour gap between taking the medicine and having a session with the QEnergySpa, BEFE.

Should you remove jewellery during a session that has been forgotten?

Forgot a piece of jewellery, should I complete the session or start over?

Yes it is a good idea to remove metallic items such as jewellery even half way through a session.  Jewellery such as gold, silver or platinum are not a real issue. It is the costume jewellery and quartz battery watches that need the focus. There is no need to start over just remove the jewellery as soon as you notice it if at all possible.

Adding water to the bath halfway through a session, is it recommended?

Adding more water during a QEnergySpa, BEFE session is not recommended.

It is a good idea to make sure you have ample water in the bath and a comfortable temperature before beginning a session with the QEnergySpa, BEFE. Adding more water during the session is not destructive to the process, but it is not recommended and better to maintain the same amount of water from start to finish.

Can I touch or move the Orb while I am in the bath?

Yes, you can touch and move around in the bath with the Orb of the QEnergySpa, BEFE System but to ensure that the cables do not become unattached, we recommend that you refrain from moving about vigorously in the bath. The idea is to relax while having your bath.

My nails have polish on them is this ok?

Yes, but we recommend to avoid nails having polish if at all possible.

The chemicals in nail polish remover can be worse than the nail polish itself, so it is best to remove some days prior to the session and thoroughly wash the nail polish remover off.

Is the QEnergySpa, BEFE safe to use for anyone with metal or plastic plates/pins in their body?

Yes, definately;

The QEnergySpa, BEFE unit is safe for use with people who have metal and plastic plates in their body as any unpowered metal or plastic parts are not affected by the QEnergySpa, BEFE system.


Does the QEnergySpa, BEFE play an important role in cellular hydration?

 Does the QEnergySpa, BEFE maintain the integrity of the inter and intra cellular fluid?

Yes, it does play an important role in the cellular hydration. There is no doubt that people suffering from fluid retention get great results. In fact, people often feel thirsty after a session with the QEnergySpa, BEFE. It appears that the body, with the extra energy, corrects bodily fluid levels, while maintaining and strengthening the cellular membrane wall.

Can the optimal energy amount be measured?

Optimal charge –

Please see charging process within this website –Charging Cycle

Our data is based on observations taken over time. We have found that everyone is slightly different and we recommend that you follow the suggested cycle of 14 sessions (35 mins), every second day, followed by a 21 day break. This will give you some indication as to whether your system is taking on the energy too fast and if your sessions should be reduced be for optimal results.

Remember to always keep well hydrated.

When to place my feet into the water?

The QEnergySpa, BEFE system adjusts according to the energy signature placed within the water. Therefore, should I put my feet in first and then turn the unit on, or turn the unit on and then put my feet in?

Since the system is dynamic in nature, you should turn on the unit and then put your feet in. The QEnergySpa, BEFE professional series requires a few seconds to test the conductivity first anyway.

Can I become reliant on the QEnergySpa, BEFE System?

If you stop using the system, the improvements and changes that may have occurred, while using the QEnergySpa, BEFE will remain with you, provided that all other contributing factors to the issues and problems have also been addressed. However, due to the lack of external bio-energy continually enhancing the operation of your system, it will eventually succumb to the rigors of the environment once more.

Can our immune system, nervous system and circulation be improved by using the QEnergySpa, BEFE?

Helping our immune system, nervous system and circulation.

This technology is used to assist the body to carry out its own needs. This includes providing some of the necessary energetic resources and partial requirements for your body to assist itself.

The QEnergySpa, BEFE product mentioned throughout this website is not offered, nor intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent, nor treat any disease or health condition and is not a medical device. Please consult your primary healthcare provider to discuss any information you find on this site.

Are heavy metals removed from the body into the water?

Heavy metals removed from the body.

The QEnergySpa, BEFE is useful to assist the body to carry out its own needs. This includes providing some of the necessary energetic resources and partial requirements for the body to purge toxins and other possibly harmful biological materials that it may have accumulated through everyday living through naturally occuring processes of the body.

Does the QEnergySpa, BEFE remove toxin build-up in your system?

Toxin build-up?

This technology is useful to assist the body to carry out its own needs. This includes providing some of the necessary energetic resources and partial requirements for the body to purge toxins itself and other possibly harmful biological materials that it may have accumulated through everyday living.

The QEnergySpa, BEFE itself does not remove or pull toxins out of the body in any way. It provides the energetic resources to assist your body to eliminate any built-up toxicity.

The QEnergySpa, BEFE product mentioned throughout this website is not offered, nor intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent, nor treat any disease or health condition and is not a medical device. Please consult your primary healthcare provider to discuss any information you find on this site.

Are colours in your treated water important?

Conditions read from the resulting waters.

NO interpretation or diagnosis should ever be applied to any colour, precipitation and or smell produced by the treated water.

The water changes are as interesting as they are varied, but should NOT be used to interpret and definitely NOT to “diagnose” any condition or ailment. It is impossible to discern anything from the water colour changes simply because of the number of variables involved.

Taking into consideration all the other factors that affect water colour, like water source, type of water module, type of power supply, conductive agent, temperature of the water, container used, environmental factors and many more. Statistically, it becomes impossible to reduce the variables to such an extent as to be able to deduct that the colouration is not due to the glass of wine you had last night, as an example.

For more information Water colors post BEFE sessions


Colour change in treated water, what does this mean?

Colour of water changed during my QEnergySpa, BEFE treatment.

Water changes colour for a variety of reasons.  There are many factors that play a role to the changes in colour of the water, including the following: –

  • Water source;
  • Conductive agent;
  • Person in the water;
  • Environmental factors;
  • Container used;
  • Water module;
  • Power supply; and
  • Many more.

NO interpretation or diagnosis should ever be applied to any colour, precipitation and or smell caused by the use of the QEnergySpa, BEFE.

Do plants benefit on treated QEnergySpa, BEFE water?

Plants do benefit from treated QEnergySpa, BEFE water.

Yes, any living organism benefits from using the QEnergySpa, BEFE treated water.
The QEnergySpa, BEFE generates a field within the water which allows the natural energy already contained within water to be enhanced. This energy is then naturally absorbed by any organic matter placed in the water or water with, such as plants.

Foot baths versus full baths, what are the differences?

Foot baths versus full body baths.

The human body is made up of approximately 80% water. If you affect one part of the body, it will cascade or flow through to the rest of the body.

The whole process is faster if the full body is emerged in a bath. Personal preference and what is most convenient, given the users circumstances has to be taken into account. Having foot baths regularly is still better than having an occasional full body bath.

Should salt be added to increase the conductivity in the water?

Salt, should it be added to the QEnergySpa, BEFE bath water to increase conductivity?

When the water’s conductivity is low, evident by two only lights, in the highest setting, or a low activity reading, then and only then, do we recommend using salt or a conductive agent such as potassium citrate (food grade). If using salt we recommend sea salt, celtic salt or rock salt. Endeavour to run your system on high with 3 to 4 lights or showing activity of 20 to 40 depending which unit you have, without adding salt.

Add ONLY salt (or conductive agent) to the water if absolutely necessary.

Do not add additives to the water such as for example “bath salts”. Bath salts typically contain fragrances and other additives that may adversely affect the session outcome. One researcher, in his attempt to eliminate the corrosive side effect of salt, came up with the idea of using potassium citrate (food grade) to raise the conductivity. The idea was to try to create conditions similar to that of New Zealand, where the rings & tracks wear at very slow rate. Using potassium citrate doesn’t specifically recreate the physics or chemistry of New Zealand, but it does raise conductivity with significantly less wear on the rings compared to that of using salt. Using distilled water or water from reverse osmosis with potassium citrate is no more cost effective than replacing the rings & tracks and using ordinary tap water.

The addition of ‘salt’ or ‘conductive agent’ is exclusively used to raise the conductivity of the water to allow the system to operate. It will not influence the frequency or the end result. Running your system on the low setting with extra added salt, will not only wear the metallic parts within the Orb quicker but may also weaken the plastic holding the rings in place at a faster rate.

Why 35 minutes is recommended?

35 minutes is the recommended time for a QEnergySpa, BEFE session.

Water cycles every 17 minutes 1 second according to the inventor of the QEnergySpa, BEFE. Hence, to make sure that you obtain at least one complete cycle of water within your session with the QEnergySpa, BEFE, 35 Minutes is recommended.

Is a break recommended?

Should I have a break every 28 days?

A break is recommended but not a requirement. The methodology behind this is to allow your body to stabilize and the 28 days could be 15 days or a week or however long as you feel. This is similar to the reason behind having a QEnergySpa, BEFE bath every second day. If you have a long term ailment, we recommend that you bath for 90 days, then after that time, make your own assessment.

Why bath only every second day?

Why can I not use the QEnergySpa, BEFE every day?

Having a QEnergySpa, BEFE bath enhances your energy field, giving it extra energy to assist your body in any way that it may need. We advocate session times of a maximum of 35 minutes (can be shorter) and a minimum of 40 hours apart (can be further apart). The reason for this is to allow your body the time it needs to utilise the extra energy that it has been given.

The first and most important rule of the system is only use it for 35 minutes every other day. The time of the day is purely up to you and whether you want to have a foot bath or a full bath is your choice. Either one will benefit you.

The reason for this is that our bodies normally require a minimum of 24 hours to recover from most treatments and any changes and alterations we subject it to. Since we are NOT running at best and optimal, we like to give it a good 48 hours between sessions so your body can have a chance to assimilate and adapt.

Can somebody else use my bath water after my QEnergySpa,BEFE bath?

No, somebody cannot use your bath water.

Each session must be with fresh water as the used water contains that persons individual energy signature.

You can use the water afterwards to water your garden if you have not added any conductivity agents such as salt.

Sharing my QEnergySpa, BEFE bath with someone else, is this ok?

Sharing is not possible –

Two people can never share a bath or the same water while using the QEnergySpa, BEFE.

Each person or bio-entity has their own specific body frequency or signature. No two signatures are the same. The QEnergySpa, BEFE is designed to enhance and amplify only one bio-signature at a time. This is also the reason why you must use fresh water each time for each person.

Feeling tired after a QEnergySpa, BEFE bath, is this normal?

Feeling tired after a QEnergySpa, BEFE bath –

Our bodies do most of their healing and regenerating while we are asleep/resting. If you feel tired after a QEnergySpa, BEFE bath then your body is most likely wanting to heal and regenerate from the energy received. Some people also report feeling energized after a QEnergySpa, BEFE bath. The response to a bath will usually correlate to what your individual needs are.

Uneasy feeling or tingling during a QEnergySpa, BEFE session, what should I do?

At any time, you feel uneasy, unsure or unwell during a QEnergySpa, BEFE session, then it is ok to end the session.

It is normal to feel tingling in different parts of your body during a session. Some people report some mild discomfort in unhealthier parts of their body. If at any time during a bath if any tingling or discomfort occurs that is concerning, it is ok to end your session at any time and remove yourself from the bath.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable! You need not be concerned that you have not received the full benefit from the QEnergySpa, BEFE session since your body will only accept the amount of energy it requires, 35 minutes is set as the maximum time and should not be seen as optimal.

Can I use a spa bath for my QEnergySpa/BEFE session?

Spa baths are not feasible –

No, because the water must be changed after each person when using the QEnergySpa, BEFE.

However, you may use the spa bath as an ordinary bath by adding clean water first and then empty when the session is complete. We do not see any problems using the spa bath in this manner but only as a normal bathtub and do not use the water jets, leave the spa turned off.

Can additives be added to my QEnergySpa, BEFE treatment?

No additives.

Additives should NEVER be added including bath salts or soap into the water if you are going to use the QEnergySpa, BEFE.

If the conductivity of the water is low, then you may add a little sea salt, rock salt or food grade potassium citrate to raise the conductivity level.

Treatment times, what is best when using the QEnergySpa, BEFE?

Treatment times –

treatment times can vary from person to person.  Some people prefer the morning while others prefer the evening as they get tired immediately after their treatment with the QEnergySpa, BEFE.  There are no real significant differences in the function or efficiency of the unit no matter what time the day it is used.

After using the QEnergySpa, BEFE a few times you will work out the best time for you.

Can you drink the charged water from the QEnergySpa, BEFE on the same day as a treatment?

Yes, one standard glass, 8-16 ounces but it is our recommendmendation to drink one standard glass of the charged water on the days you do not have a treatment.  Do not to drink the water directly in contact with the plates we recommend to place a glass container with the water you wish to charge within the  charging water and only drink the water from the glass container which will remain clear.

Drinking QEnergySpa, BEFE charged water, what are the benefits?

Drinking QEnergySpa, BEFE charged water –

By drinking the ‘charged’ water (charged in/through a glass container), you are putting extra energy directly into your internal system.

If you wish to do this, place a glass bottle of water in the water around the orb while it is operating. Run the QEnergySpa, BEFE for the standard duration of 35mins and then remove the bottle and store it in a cool place. Please refrain from putting bottles of water into the bath with you. We recommend drinking only 1 standard glass of this “charged” water per day.

Mineral supplements, are they a requirement when using the QEnergySpa, BEFE?

Mineral and vitamin supplements.

Minerals are required as a normal part of life whether through a well-balanced diet or through supplementation.  However, it is not necessarily a requirement in the use of the QEnergySpa, BEFE.

During a QEnergySpa, BEFE session is it best not to eat or drink?

During a QEnergySpa, BEFE session it is best to keep all the conditions and variables to a minimum. Drinking a glass of  water before the session is recommended. It is however ok to have water during your session.

How to record the changes experienced from using the QEnergySpa, BEFE?

Simply record all your discomforts and ailments, including the factors seemingly attributable to old age, on a scale from 1 – 10 (10 being the most severe). Over time as you use the QEnergySpa, BEFE watch the severity in some or all of the categories diminish.

A number of factors affect the rate of these changes, these include your age, you life style and the length of time that you have been suffering from a particular ailment. Once you have your second chart completed, you will have a basis for comparison, ask your friends to comment on you condition now versus the information recorded on your first report sheet. This is a good and simple way to notice the changes that both you and others witness.

Precautions when using the QEnergySpa, BEFE, what are they?

Precautions needed when using the QEnergySpa, BEFE: –

The QEnergySpa, BEFE benefits people of all ages. However, there are circumstances that may prevent some individuals from using the QEnergySpa, BEFE at this time.

At all times we recommend that you consult your health care provider prior to and while using the system to keep them apprised of your progress.

People who fall into these categories may NOT use the QEnergySpa, BEFE until their condition ceases.

Those who are pregnant – The design of the QEnergySpa, BEFE allow only one biological body per session. Studies have not been undertaken to validate the safety of the system under these conditions.

Those who are taking immuno-suppressant medications – Studies have not been undertaken to validate the safety of the system under these conditions. Recommendations are NOT to use the system if it may affect life preserving medications.

Those who have a battery operated implant (e.g. Pacemaker/Defibrillator) – The QEnergySpa, BEFE is an electrical/electromagnetic device. Studies have not been undertaken to validate the safety of the system under these conditions.

If you are taking any prescription medication, please consult your medical professional on how to proceed.

Who benefits by using the QEnergySpa, BEFE?

Benefits of using the QEnergySpa, BEFE –

Almost anyone benefits from using the QEnergySpa, BEFE. It has benefits even for those that lead a healthy lifestyle. The QEnergySpa, BEFE can benefit by giving that extra boost of energy that gets you through the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Benefits are listed on the QEnergySpa, BEFE website: – benefits

Primary reason for using the QEnergySpa, BEFE?

We could give you many reasons why you should use the QEnergySpa, BEFE. The primary reason is that you only live once and therefore owe it to yourself to be the best you can be; physically, mentally and spiritually.

The QEnergySpa, BEFE is the most revolutionary natural health product on the market today.
• It can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home or practice;
• It compliments and enhances many other therapies and treatments;
• The device is completely safe and effective;
• It is simple and non-invasive (there are no pharmaceuticals involved);
• A proven technology with over a decade of research and testing;
• The QEnergySpa, BEFE is trusted, used and recommended by thousands of people around the world.

The QEnergySpa benefits everyone, young through to old, no health problems through to major health problems, even your animals and pets. Just relax in a bath or footbath and let the QEnergySpa, BEFE and your body do the rest.

What the QEnergySpa, BEFE System can do for me?

The QEnergySpa, BEFE System –

Provides a compatible bio-energy source for your body to recharge and enhance your own body’s natural energy supply.  The QEnergySpa, BEFE System helps to optimise all functions of your body and with continued use.

Increasing the amount of energy that your body can utilise and use. Your bodies’ innate intelligence prioritises where this extra energy is used first.  Many users of the QEnergySpa, BEFE have reported dramatic improvements in short periods of time. But this may be different for each individual.


What is the QEnergySpa, BEFE Technology?

The QEnergySpa, BEFE Technology –

acts like a battery charger for all biological life (people, animals, plants etc.). Our bodies work using a form of biological electrical current that we term “Life Force Energy” or “Bio Energy”. The QEnergySpa, BEFE system is the first to utilise non-invasive energetic therapy technology. How this is achieved? Through the Orb (water module) being supplied the correct energy from the corresponding power supply: –
When the Orb is immersed in water, the water in the container becomes energised with a compatible energy that your body is able to absorb.  This energy is then used by your body as needed. The QEnergySpa, BEFE System does not pull or push toxins from your body. It provides the energy to enhance natural body functions to improve overall health. Empowering your body with the ability to heal it self and also release toxins.



Water Colors & Smells: The bio-electric field effect and or energy quality from the use of the QEnergySpa, BEFE is derived from the interaction of the complex resonant field created within the water by the water module, the ORB. All ionic or electrolysis processes ONLY results in discoloration and precipitation within the water and although interesting and a point of discussion, it is irrelevant to the process and effect. There are far too many parameters that affect the colors and smells of the water after use of the QEnergySpa, BEFE (or any other similar kind of technology) and although every person’s outcome in the water is different (you affect the outcome, but it does not come from you), please remember that you cannot and should NEVER diagnose or rely on the water colors and or smells in any way.

Point is: That all colors, dirt and smells are irrelevant. Ignore them

Disclaimer: Please note. Q the Experience, Future Life Science and QBiotechnologies Pty Ltd has no medical staff. All articles written and all texts published, unless otherwise stated are purely from an engineering perspective with 20 years experience with the technology and online related research. All medical facts and statements should be independently verified.

Disclaimer: Please note that the QEnergySpa, BEFE Technology  is not offered, nor intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or health condition and is not a medical device. Use only as directed and consult your primary health care provider if you have any medical concerns and/or if symptoms persists.

Disclaimer: All information relative to the product on this website is intended for educational purposes ONLY.

Disclaimer: The QEnergySpa, BEFE, although evolved significantly since, was listed with the TGA Australia (FDA equivalent) for many years as a water treatment device/technology.

This product in it’s current evolved form, has not been evaluated by the FDA/TGA as a medical device