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QEnergySpa Egg Plant Life Span Extension

QEnergySpa, BEFE Egg Plant Life Span Extension

QEnergySpa/B.E.F.E. Egg Plant Longetivity Trial


To conduct a longevity experiment in order to show the effects of supplying additional Bio‑Energy to an Egg Plant.  This will be done using the patented QEnergySpa, BEFE from Q the Experience.

It is theorised that increasing the Bio-Energy content in an Egg Plant will have the effect of prolonging the life span (use by date).

1 x 4105 QEnergySpa, BEFE
2 x Egg Plant
1 x containers to charge water and fruit
2 x trays or plates (Dated & ID Charged , Uncharged)

One Egg Plants will be placed into a container of water with an Orb connected to a 4105 QEnergySpa, BEFE and charged for a period of 35 minutes. After the charging session the Egg Plant will be placed on a plate.
The second Egg Plant will have no treatment.
No further treatment of the Egg Plant will occurred and as little handling as possible will be maintained.

The Egg Plants are to be photographed each day and have any observations recorded.

If possible the trials will be left long enough to harvest the seeds so they can be used to research the effect or changes to the next generation in a future trial.

It is expected that the Egg Plant that has been charged with Bio-energy using a 4105 QEnergySpa will have a longer shelf life compared to the Egg Plant that has not been charged.



 Trial commenced 19th April 2004

Charging Egg Plant

20th April 2004

21st April 2004
The skin on the uncharged Egg Plant is beginning to wither

22nd April 2004

23rd April 2004
The uncharged Egg Plant is beginning to soften whilst the charged Egg Plant is still firm.

27th April 2004
The uncharged Egg Plant is showing signs of deterioration; the surface of the fruit is withering and the Egg Plant is becoming visibly smaller. The charged fruit does not appear to have changed.

28th April 2004

29th April 2004

30th April 2004

4th May 2004
The uncharged Egg Plant has deteriorated further whilst the charged Egg Plant appears to remain the same

5 May 2004

6th May 2004

7th May 2004

11th May 2004
The uncharged Egg Plant has deteriorated to the point that fungi has set in and the rate of decomposition is accelerating. The charged Egg Plant is still edible and is showing no signs of deterioration.

14th May 2004

17th May 2004
The charged Egg Plant is still firm but is showing slight signs of withering on the surface.

18th May 2004

At the conclusion of the trial the charged Egg Plant was cut open and was found to be in very good condition. The photo above shows a brown colour on the flesh which began after the fruit was opened to the air.
Whilst cutting the charged fruit it was found to still be very firm and a moderate amount of moisture was present.The uncharged Egg Plant started to show the first signs of deterioration on the 27th April 2004 and the charged Egg Plant remained viable for a further 21 days.The expectations of this experiment was to extend the longevity of an Egg Plant by providing it with extra bio-energy using a QEnergySpa, BEFE. From the photos above it appears it has been achieved.It should also be pointed out that no refrigeration or any other treatment was used on the Egg Plants over the duration of the experiment.Further experiments should be conducted to confirm the above preliminary findings. These experiments should be conducted in a controlled environment for consistency on both fruit in the experiment.