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The Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, BEFE

QEnergySpa, BEFE (Bio-Electric Field Enhancement) Technology.

The Bio-Electric Field Enhancement Unit (QEnergySpa, BEFE) was presented at the Global Sciences Congress in Colorado in August 1999.  At the time, it was and it still is, the latest in home-based therapies developed by Q-Tech Laboratories (Q the Experience, Future Life Science) in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia invented by Mr. Terry Skrinjar.  Electric medicine was commonly used last century and early this century until the pharmaceutical industry began supporting medical schools, then the teaching of electric medicine was eliminated.

Some healing systems use a square wave dc pulse to effect the body, but water contains a bio-charge pattern where the frequencies are constantly changing and have patterns within patterns.  Our bodies are electrical and seventy percent water or more, so it is logical that the Bio-Electric Field Enhancement Unit could not only recharge our bodies, and therefore enhance healing and reduce stress, but achieve a rate of success that has not been achieved using any other principles.  It is a therapeutic aid to pain management and healing and much more.

Very few medical devices are as visual as the Bio-Electric Field Enhancement unit.  It is placed in a normal bathtub after the person to receive the therapy is already in the water. The unit delivers a bio-charge to the body’s own frequency, which recharges the body’s electrical system, and gives you an energy boost. The treatment lasts from 25 –30 minutes.  The water becomes interestingly discoloured.  Not that that has anything to do with the Detoxification in any way.

The benefits of the unit are almost unlimited and include increased vitality and energy, pain relief, faster recovery time, improved concentration and sleeping patterns, increased perception and well being improved liver, kidney and endocrine function, as well as reduced inflammation and swelling.  Other benefits include reduced arthritic and menstrual pain, assisting with incontinence, gout conditions, organic toxin neutralization and much more.  The complex magnetic fields of the unit permeate and realign your own body’s energy field which allows the body to function better.

The unit is designed for use by all ages as it has no side effects as the energies are the same and is therefore completely safe.  It cannot be used by people who have battery operated implants such as pacemakers, or implanted organs, during pregnancy or while on a course of life sustaining prescription drugs.  Organic medicines such as herbs are not considered drugs.  Any prescription is best taken over an hour either side of using the BEFE (QEnergySpa, BEFE).

The units come ready to use and have Q-Tech’s (Q the Experience, Future Life Science) guaranteed after sales service to ensure your unit works at peak performance at all times.  All units are built to meet all international electrical medical safety standards and electrical safety standard for use in a bathroom.

Janette Adams