Pets and Animals

Treating Pets and Animals

The QEnergySpa, BEFE can also be used to treat farm animals as well as domestic pets. However, getting your pet to stay in a tub of water is not always easy but the rewards can be worthwhile.

Conducting sessions on animals

Treatment times for animals can be the same as for treating people (20 minutes is the recommended time) because the treatment time is based on the water cycle rate of 1 cycle every 17 minutes and 1 second. There is however a variation in the amount of water you have in a tub to treat an animal. Basically the larger the animal the more water you can have in the tub. The following table shows how much water you should use on average for animals based upon their body weight for full body immersion.

Volume of Water for Treating Animals (At 27.1 degrees C)
Size of Animal Volume of Water Treatment Time
Kilograms Pounds Litres Pints  









20 Minutes

1kg 2 3.5 2
2kg 5 7 4
3kg 7 10.5 6
5kg 11 17.5 10
10kg 22 35 20
15kg 33 52.5 30
20kg 44 70 40
25kg 55 87.5 50
30kg 66 105 60
35kg 77 122.5 70
40kg 88 140 80
45kg 100 157.5 90
50kg 110 175 100
60kg 132 210 120
70kg 154 245 140
80kg 172 280 160
90kg 200 315 180
100kg 220 350 200

The above values are the optimum; of course you can use less water for larger animals when they are not fully submersed by the water. In this instance, please refer to dilution factors for people.


If you have a dog with a weight of around 4Kg, then you should have approximately 14 litres of water in the tub.
If however, only part of the dog is immersed then the weight refers to the submersed part only

Giving animals drinking water:

Another easy way to help your animals or pets if you can’t get them to stay in a tub of water, is to have them drink some of the charged water. Charging water for them to drink uses the same method as when you charge it for yourself. Please refer to the section on charging drinking water.

Plants love charged water too:

After a session, instead of wasting the water down your drain, it can be used on your plants. Note: Watering with charged water appears to reduce plants’ water requirements and over or under watering of your plants naturally still applies.