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QEnergySpa, BEFE and Kinesiology

Kinesiology and the QEnergySpa, BEFE

Applied Kinesiology & the QEnergySpa, BEFE

The following trial was performed to estimate the effectiveness of the QEnergySpa, BEFE using kinesiology. Results show a clear, measured improvement in all subjects.

Applied Kinesiology is a system that evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing alongside conventional diagnostic methods. The essential premise of applied kinesiology, that is not shared by mainstream medical theory, is that every organ dysfunction is accompanied by a weakness in a specific corresponding muscle, the viscerosomatic relationship.

The following trial used muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) to ascertain results following QEnergySpa, BEFE sessions.

The trials were conducted between the 30th January, 1998 and the 8th February, 1998.

Subjects in the trial

Subjects Name, age and complaint
S Trial subject 1 S was 37 years of age at the time of the trial. S had bulk body damage from 2 major accidents.
E Trial subject 2

E  was 60 years of age at the time of the trial. E had major issues including low self esteem, was overweight and diabetic.

C Trial subject 3 C was 7 years old during the trial. C’s past history was mostly emotional trauma and also constipation issues, low energy and odd brown patches on body.
J Trial subject 4 J, age 26, had a past drug and alcohol abuse issue with related bodily symptoms. No major physical problems apparent.
G Trial subject 5 G, a 56 year old, had no apparent physical problems. G was a very fit masseuse however he suffered from work-related backaches.
F Trial subject 6 F was was 36 years old at the time of the trial. He has a stress-related skin disorder mainly resulting in his skin peeling from his feet every time he suffers personal trauma.
T Trial subject 7 T age 3 when the trial was performed and suffered from Eczema.
C2 Trial subject 8 C2 was age 40 at the time of the trial and did not appear to have any major problems.
G2 Trial subject 9 G2 was age 45 when the trial was performed and suffered from Chronic Fatigue.
A Trial subject 10 A was age 32 when the trial was performed. No major problems aside from stress and mild scarring.



To observe the trial subjects physical reactions to a series of QEnergySpa, BEFE sessions.

The hypothesis was that the QEnergySpa, BEFE sessions would improve the test subjects overall well-being and their internal function to enhance their health status.

All test subjects were monitored during the session with counsellors at hand in the event that they experienced any negative feelings during the session.


The QEnergySpa, BEFE was found to be beneficial, however more research is required to confirm my findings.  I recommend the use of the QEnergySpa, BEFE by healthy people, as a preventative measure, as well as for sick or depressed individuals to aid in their recovery.



Test Subject Results


Test Subject 1 – S


Summary: The results of test subject S show that there was a difference in bodily actions and that by the end of the treatment baths S was nearly fully operational in all areas of her body.  The Baths are also appearing to be beneficial to the patient for the removal of S’s stretchmarks.  All systems tested on S proved to be increased by a large percentage after the baths.  This alone would make a person feel better when all systems are functioning normally at full capacity. If the baths were doing this than the baths would be very beneficial to patients recovering from surgery in hospitals.


After 1st Bath

30/1/98 5.30pm to 6.10pm

Noticed nothing while in the bath, very tired afterward, joints and muscles seemed a little freer.

Testing revealed:

Tissue damage in hips down from 42% now 16%.

Muscle damage was 34% now down to 18%.


After 2nd Bath

1/2/98 9.30am to 10.05am

Yesterday the right elbow was free from pain and restriction. Prior to bathing it had become difficult to bend and do up my bra.  Left knee had also improved although it was not bad to begin with.  Right knee was somewhat improved though still experiencing moderate pain and restriction of movement.  I am delighted and hopeful.

Muscles in right leg tested that soreness had been removed.

Bones in left ankle, both knees and left shin strengthened.

Emotion: Bitter and Numb neutralised.


Right leg muscles extremely sore from calf to hip.  Healing Crisis.  My right arm and left knee are still fine.


After 3rd Bath

3/2/98 35 Minutes

Right leg pain now extends from toe to hip.

Central Nervous Systems from 46% to 100%.

Adrenals from 84% to 100%.

Respiratory System was 100% functioning after last bath, this one integrated it.

Digestive System 87% functioning to 100%.


Entire right leg so bad that I have difficulty in moving, pain cripples and actually has me rolling round as if in severe cramp.


After 4th Bath


The QEnergySpa makes the water very soft and nice to be in.

Cell Function and Structure were 80% now 100%.

Muscle Tissue was 57% now 98%.

Ligaments/tendons was 48% now 99%.

Bones was 79% now 100%.

C.N.S was 58% now 87%.

Brain functions – Ability to trust 48-76, Understanding 60-87, Imagination 80-99.

P.N.S smell was 66% now 80%.

Immune System was 56% now 98%.

Circulatory was 57% now 80%.

Respiratory was 70% now 95%.

Digestive was 66% now 93%.

Urinary was 56% now 77%.

Kidneys were 43% now 89%.

Adrenals were 56% now 70%.

Pineal was 79% now 95%.

Integration was 27% now 67%.

Meridians – large intestine, kidneys, liver, heart.

Stretchmarks were 27% now 8%.

Body Illness was 59% now 64%.



Test Subject 2 – E


Summary: For test subject E, tests showed that there was a main problem with incontinence.  The baths relieved this person of this problem, something which conventional science has yet been able to achieve.  Apart from the incontinence E also had body functions that were low which improved to be nearly 100% in all systems.  Stress was another problem E struggled with. After the baths E was tested and the tests said that on all stress levels she was down to 0% for each.  The diabetes was another factor that requires further research, E had diabetes, which was 15% that went down to 8%, and this is something that has increased E lifespan.


After 1st Bath

31/1/98 9.30 – 10.05am

Pins and needles from the knees down whilst in the bath. Hot afterward for a short period of time.

Testing revealed:

Bladder functioning went from 55% to 100% – this tested up that it would relieve incontinence by 90%.

Circ/Sex functioning went from 72% to 100%.

Stomach functioning went from 78% to 100%.

Pancreas functioning went from 60% to 85%.


After 2nd Bath

2/2/98 10.15 – 10.50am

Incontinence appears to have been resolved; this was caused by a bungled operation 16 years ago.

Pancreas functioning went from 85% to 100%.

Incontinence went from 10% to 3%.

Spleen functioning went from 80% to 100%.

Large intestine functioning went from 69% to 100%.

Stress around Unacceptable went from 95% to 0%.

Stress around Unappreciated went from 66% to 0%.

Stress around Fuming went from 53% to 0%.

Stress around Abused went from 50% to 0%.

Stress around Wounded went from 37%to 0%.


After 3rd Bath

6/2/98 10.15 – 10.50am

Incontinence resolved! She’s coughed, sneezed; I’ve even frightened her, still no problem.  This alone makes the bath worth every penny.

Muscle tissue went from 78% to 87%.

P.N.S went from 89% to 100%.

Digestive system went from 90% to 100%.

Whole body integration went from 53% to 86%.

Horary; Bladder, Circ/sex, Gall bladder.

Emotion: Longing 89% NEC.

Diabetes went from 15% to 8%.




Test Subject 3 – C


Summary: For test subject C, being only a child, the baths were no longer than 17 minutes. The nasty side effects that were seen in the first bath would need further investigation as to wether the QEnergySpa may have to apply restriction for it’s use with children, or limit them to foot baths and not full body baths.  Other than the first two baths the problem did not resurface.  The child’s systems were as with the other patients, improved upon with the baths.  The patchy skin discolouration was starting to improve by the fourth bath.  This result would lead to more trials with skin disorders.


After 1st Bath

31/1/98 10.30 – 10.47am

Some tingling was felt in feet, movement in knees, sharp heat in sternum while in bath.  She was tired, and feeling dizzy and sick to the point of crying when she got out.  Did not want to try the bath again.  Was Ok after an hour.  No visible effect on skin discolouration.

Testing revealed:

Gall Bladder functioning went from 86% to 100%.

Liver functioning went from 90% to 100%.

Small Intestine functioning went from 93% to 100%.

Kidney functioning went from 96% to 100%.

Circulation/sex functioning went from 98% to 100%.


After 2nd Bath

2/2/98 7.00 – 7.17am

Only half the unpleasant side effects after the first bath.

Cellular functioning went from 66% to 100%.

Central Nervous System went from 76% to 96%.

Immune System went from 88% to 98%.

Pulmonary functioning went from 67% to 88%.

Digestive System went from 88% to 100%.

Thymus went from 60% to 87%.

Pituitary went from 80% to 94%.

Emotion:  Ruined N.E.C 57% to 0%.


After 3rd Bath


No nasty side effects.

Smell went from 77% to 100%.

Circulatory went from 77% to 100%.

Skin patches went from 27% to 16% – they are starting to fade on the body but not on the arm yet.


After 4th Bath


No nasty side effects.

Horary: Put back Gall Bladder and Liver.

Patches went from 17% to 7%.

Emotion: Muddled N.E.C 37%.

Splinter accelerated healing and removed infection.



Test Subject 4 – J


Summary: Test subject J, had once suffered alcohol and drug abuse. Her results are beneficial in determining if the QEnergySpa would be able to help people with the problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse.  J also had a marked improvement in her hearing, another thing to warrant further investigation.  As with S stretchmarks had been reduced.  J also suffered from eczema, which was healing and being reduced with the bath treatments.


After 1st Bath

1/2/98 3.15 – 3.50pm

Buzzed the entire bath, felt pressure on throat for a couple of minutes.  Hot, dizzy and sick, still buzzing after the bath for about 20 minutes.

Spleen was 66% now 83%.

Heart was 89% now 100%.

Bladder was 91% now 100%.

Circ/sex was 95% now 100%.

Triple Warmer was 96% now 100%.

Large Intestine was 97% now 100%.

Gall bladder was 99% now 100%.

Called in 6 hours after treatment feeling energized and balanced.


After 2nd Bath

4/2/98 9.15 – 9.50pm

Buzzing in left leg, particularly around dermatitis in ankle, shifted to right leg but not as strongly.  Warmth and prickles on face.  Saw a man’s face while she was lying there.

Results show:

Cellular Activity Level was 86% now 100%.

Bone calcification reduced from 26% now 12%.

Circulatory System was 76% now 100%.

Respiratory System was 88% now 100%.

Metabolic Functioning was 92% now 100%.

Ovaries were 76% now 93%.

Thymus was 82% now 97%.

Eczema, body reduced from 66% to 14%.

Eczema skin reduced from 32% to 13%.

Stretchmarks wee 37% now 29%.

Hearing outer ear improved from 63% now 87%.

Emotion:  Conquered N.E.C 66% now 0%.

Noticed after first bath, no more heart palpitations, more energized generally.


After 2nd Bath

8/2/98 1.30 – 2.05pm

Left foot pulsed and voiding water immediately after bath.

Eczema, body reduced from 22% to 14%.

Eczema, skin reduced from 17% to 15%.

Stretchmarks was 22% now 14%.

Genetic code realigned.

Thermal – Cold.

Inner ear was 82% now 96%.

Pulmonary Function was 88% now 100%.

Small intestine was 50% now 89%.

Emotion: Unlovable N.E.C 32% now 0%.

Bath may not be functioning effectively.  She did not feel the same effect.  She has noticed vaginal muscle tightening.



Test Subject 5 – G


Summary: Test subject G, was more like a control in a case study as to the fact that apart from the rash on the buttocks this subject was very healthy.  Even with this apparent health the bath still increased the body’s functions to nearly 100% an all systems. The bath gave G a tune up, which is a form of preventative measures to ward off ill health and increasing the body’s health to full capacity.


After 1st Bath

3/2/98 10.00 – 10.35am

Felt relaxed, nothing more.

Skin rash on buttocks will clear up in 5 hours.

Large Intestine functioning went from 93% to 100%.

Spleen functioning went from 93% to 100%.

Small intestine functioning went from 94% to 85%.

Kidney functioning went from 95% 100%.

Circ/sex functioning went from 96% to 100%.

Triple warmer functioning went from 96% to 100%.

Heart functioning went from 96% to 100%.

Lung functioning went from 97% to 100%.

Gall bladder functioning went from 97% to 100%.

Tested up he only needed the one bath.  Gave him a good tune up.  He still needs a Heart integration while it’s now functioning at 100% Integration is only 72% with 16% electrical imbalances caused by central and governing meridian problems.  Rash did not completely disappear.



Test Subject 6 – F


Summary: F was another study similar to G as there were no major internal problems with this test subject.  The problem that F faced was stomach muscle that had been torn 14 years previously.  As with the all test subjects the body’s major functions were increased to nearly full capacity in all systems.  As with the entire female test subjects that have given birth the stretchmarks had been reduced.  Also she stated that she could feel the muscles of her stomach firming, this would be a breakthrough for woman and men with wasted muscles.


After 1st Bath

3/2/98 1.00 – 1.35pm

Tingling in legs for a while, when out feet feel smooth and relaxed.

Incontinence reduced from 13% to 0%.

Stomach Muscle was split during pregnancy 14 years ago and didn’t knit back properly.  32% now 2% will close during the next 3 weeks.

Stretchmarks went from 36% to 26%.

Stomach functioning went from 91.5% to 100%.

Thyroid functioning went from 89% to 100%.

Adrenals functioning went from 63% to 96%.

Ovaries functioning went from 86.25% to 100%.

She already feels the stomach firming.


After 2nd Bath

5/2/98 11.00 – 11.35am

Sensation under left arm later confirmed by Lymph reading.

Muscular stomach tissue went from 2% to 0%.

Lymphatic functioning went from 675 to 100%.

Circ system functioning went from 70% to 87%.

Small intestine functioning went from 92% to 100%.

Ovaries functioning went from 86 .25% to 100%.

Inner ear functioning went from 82% to 100%.

Mammary Functioning went from 68% to 100%.

Thymus functioning went from 76% to 100%.

Pituitary functioning went from 76% to 100%.

Stretchmarks reduced from 26% to 20%.

Ability to trust 95% to 100%.

Understanding 87% to 100%.

Resistance to change 97% to 100%.

Imagination 95% to 100%.



Test Subject 7 – T


Summary: Test subject T was the youngest of the trial subjects at the age of 3. The child’s main problem was eczema and as with subject C only in the bath for a maximum of 17 minutes.  Again all systems were improved through being in the bath.  The skin disorder, which she suffers, was showing a marked improvement after the two baths.  With the QEnergySpa not functioning properly the results of the second bath are not as conclusive as the first even though there was still improvement after the second bath.


After 1st bath

4/2/98 3.00 – 3.17pm

No effects whilst in the bath.

Eczema, in body 96% to 56%.

Eczema, on skin 16% to 3%.

C.N.S brain and spine 77% to 96%.

Lymphatic System went from 67% to 98%.

Incontinence went from 57% to 27%.

Adrenals went from 96% to 100%.

Parotid reduced from 98% to 100%.

Scabs reduced from 26% to 0%.

Insect Bites 9% to 0%.

Emotional Conquered 93% to 0%.


After 2nd bath

8/2/98 3.00 – 3.17pm

Skin on back and arms improved after first bath, still heaps left. Not wetting as much.

C.A.L went from 66% to 88%.

Eczema, in body 66% to 26%.

Eczema, on skin 26% to 11%.

P.N.S went from 66% to 77%.

Lymph System went from 76% to 92%.

Respiratory System from 66% to 87%.

Endocrine System went from 76% to 98%.

Miasmas; Syphilitic 78%.

Emotional: overlooked NEC 67% – 0%.

Bath is not functioning. Interesting that it works at all though. Would have thought it would have no effect.



Test Subject 8 – C2


Summary: C2 had three major problems, which were dealt with whilst in the QEnergySpa baths.  The rashes that were present on hands and back both reduced themselves a rather significant amount. The foot problem, which they suffered from, was disposed of entirely.  C2 also noted a rather large change in the energy levels that he experience. Again all systems benefited from the baths and were increased to 100%.


After 1st Bath

4/2/98    3.00 – 3.35pm

Will need three baths to clean up feet issue.

Feet improved by 37%.

Back rash improved from 62% to 17%.

Hand Rash went from 32% to 12%.

Central Nervous System 87% to 100%.

Immune system 88% to 99%.

Pulmonary system 97% to 100%.

Gall Bladder 98% to 100%.

Bladder 98% to 100%.

Thymus 99% to 100%.

Pineal 99% to 100%.

Imagination 77% to 100%.

R.A.S 89% to 100%.

Understanding 94% to 100%.

Stretchmarks 12% to 4%.

Wrinkles 9% to 7%.

Emotion:  Unacceptable N.E.C 27% to 0%.

Stress: Body 52% to 12%.

Stress: Mind 3% to 0%.

This test subject did a meditation whilst in the bath and travelled with the light through the DNA restoring it.


After 2nd bath

6/2/98 1.00 – 1.35pm

Feet are less dry and red, feeling more energised, and hands fluctuate from improved to dry.

Feet 69% improvement overall.

C.A.L 77% – 100%.

Respond ability 80% – 93%.

Understanding 89% – 100%.

Circ system 67% – 96%.

Metabolic System 68% – 98%.

Homeostasis 89% – 97%.

Back rash reduced 27% – 9%.

Hand rash reduced 10% – 0%.

Emotion: Unloved NEC 87% – 0%.

Actually felt like a foetus in the bath this time. Allowed a new belief, I am loved, which fits in with the emotional diffusion as above.  He was the 7th son – the mother wanted a daughter.


After 3rd bath

8/2/98 10.00 – 10.35am

Feet have almost cleared up.

Lymph 79% – 100%.

Spleen 68% – 87%.

Viruses 26% – 4%.

Thymus 87% – 100%.

Back Rash reduced 18% – 6%.

Hand Rash reduced 11% – 3%.

Foot rash reduced 6% – 0%.

Emotion: Not heard NEC 36%.

Vision of an older and more relaxed looking child was seen.


Feet still a minor problem the bath was not working properly last time.  Still has some effect though as evidenced above.



Test Subject 9 – G2


Summary: G2 suffered from chronic fatigue.  The baths worked to increase the general health of this subject.  The problems that this person had with her systems was on it’s way to healing.  As with all females stretchmarks were reduced along with wrinkles. This fact is interesting and may point to the QEnergySpa being a link to eternal youth?  G2 also regained some eyesight, another point to be further investigated.


After 1st Bath

4/2/98 11.00 – 11.45am

Cell Function was 72% now 100%.

Muscular Tissue was 96% now 118%.

Bone calcification was 29% now 2%.

CNS was 87% now 100%.

Body Fluid Functioning was 46% now 100%.

Lymphatic was 86% now 100%.

Immune System was 76% now 98%.

Circulatory System was 32% now 68%.

Hear Functioning was 86% now 100%.

Heart integration was 65% now 69%.

Blood vessel flow was 52% now 100%.

Pituitary was 87% now 100%.

Internal Parasites went from 27% to 26%.

Stretchmarks were 51% now 39%.

Wrinkles were 26% now 23%.

Emotion: Bitter – NEC 67% – 2%.

Emotion: Incensed NEC 56% – 0%.

Hypoglycaemic was 19% now.

Stress, Body was 100% now 37%.

Stress, Mind was 26% now 7%.

Understanding 72% now 95%.

Learning and memory 51% now 92%.

Sight was 62% now 73% (extremely short sighted in left eye).


After 2nd Bath

6/2/98 10.10 – 10.50am

They went through the expected healing crisis after the last bath, very tired eyes, headaches, nausea, and extreme exhaustion, not sleeping.  18% improvement from after the initial first bath.

Immune System was 78% now 100%.

Circ/sex was 37% now 67%.

Liver was 66% now 90%.

Pituitary went from 68% to 100%.

Metabolic was 37% now 56%.

Whole body Integration was 36% now 87%.

Emotional: Furious 66% – 0%.



Test Subject 10 – A


Summary: A was also one of the test subjects to have their hearing improved. All other systems were increased to nearly full working order.  Again stretchmarks were reduced.  This would lead to thinking what does it do to scar tissue?  Stress was also reduced and in today’s society this would be a good way to reduce it, have a relaxing bath and feel the stress leave.


After 1st Bath

5/2/98 10.00 – 10.40am

Felt a metallic taste in mouth, slight head pressure felt toxic for a minute; hot and worn out afterward, then energised.

Cellular Activity level 57% – 100%.

CNS Brain and Spine 86% to 100%.

Pulmonary Nervous system thermal 88% to 100%.

Hearing inner ear functioning went from 52% to 77% improved problems with tone by 17% – men’s voices.

Smell went from 89% to 97%.

Immune system went from 80% to 97%.

Circ/sex went from 85% to 99%.

Digestive: Colon went from 67% to 86%.

Large Intestine 37% to 67%.

Small Intestine went from 56% to 76%.

Liver went from 29% to 49%.

Gall bladder went from 88% to 100%.

Endocrine went from 26% to 49%.

Stretchmarks went from 19% to 12%.

Emotion: Despondent NEC 80% to 0%.

Emotion: Ruined NEC 37% to 0%.

Body stress was 66% to 32%.



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QEnergySpa, BEFE Tomato Life Span Extension

QEnergySpa, BEFE vs. Attempted Copy Tomato Trial


The QEnergySpa, BEFE is the original Bio-Electric Field Enhancement (B.E.F.E.) device developed in 1996, the very first to appear on the market worldwide and is the unit upon which all other copies are based.

The concept behind the QEnergySpa, B.E.F.E. is very simple as are the most profound things. Water being the most essential substance necessary for life (containing electrical patterns and memory); with contact of the bio-energized water, one can expect realignment, balance and vitalisation of the cells of all living things.

Illustrated below is the Tomato Trial performed and written by Paul Cohen, Harvest Haven Health and reproduced here with permission. This was executed to determine if there was indeed a life enhancing effect from the QEnergySpa, BEFE as anticipated. The test was carried out with the QEnergySpa, BEFE, a control and one of the ‘better’ attempted copies whose name has been obscured for legal reasons. It would be fair to assume that other copies would fare worse, than seen in this experiment.

QEnergySpa, B.E.F.E. vs. Attempted Copies

Written by Paul Cohen

In this climate of muddied waters, both literally and symbolically, it is hoped that a simple experiment could show whether there is, in reality, the life-enhancing effect the inventor intended with the QEnergySpa, BEFE and if the attempted copies were also achieving the same effect..

With this goal in mind, on September 13, 2007, we tested our QEnergySpa, BEFE against an attempted copy using two sets of tomatoes, one conventionally grown and the other organic, all store bought, of similar ripeness and size. (Conventional means grown with the use of artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides and herbicides, as opposed to organic which prohibits the use of these and depending on the standards applied, engages more holistic methods of soil management.)

We proceeded to treat one tomato of each kind (conventional and organic) on the respective machines in identical quantities of water from the same source, for the standard treatment session of 35 minutes, with a control tomato that was simply placed in a different container of water for the same amount of time. We took certain precautions, such as adequate separation of test units, to ensure the results would be untainted. We then took the tomatoes home and put them in a place where they would remain undisturbed, taking pictures at intervals to record progression (or regression, depending on how you look at it).


The purposes of this test were to:

  1. See how the different devices affected the condition and longevity of the tomatoes.
  2. See if there was a difference between conventional and organic in storability and onset of decay.
  3. Determine for the practitioner if it was worth investing in another attempted copy or if she should switch to the original invention, the QEnergySpa, BEFE.

Now that the stage has been set, may we have a drum roll as we present the results?

Day 2:

You can see all the tomatoes look good, although with minor blemishes on most of them.

Tomato Trial, Day 2

Conventional Tomatoes-Attempted Copy: 

Conventional Tomatoes-Control:

Conventional Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE:

Organic Tomatoes-Attempted Copy:

Organic Tomatoes-Control:

Organic Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE: 

Day 18:

It is interesting to note, how the minor blemishes are areas of weakness that spread deterioration. The conventional AC is beginning to look pretty beat up. The conventional control is not nearly so bad, and the conventional Q has a bad spot. The organics are beginning to shrivel, with the organic AC looking the most weathered.

Conventional Tomatoes-Attempted Copy: 

Conventional Tomatoes-Control:

Conventional Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE:

Organic Tomatoes-Attempted Copy:

Organic Tomatoes-Control:

Organic Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE: 

Day 26:

Trends continue.

Conventional Tomatoes-Attempted Copy: 

Conventional Tomatoes-Control:

Conventional Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE:

Organic Tomatoes-Attempted Copy:

Organic Tomatoes-Control:

Organic Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE: 

Day 39:

Of the conventional tomatoes, the control still looks best on the outside. The conventional AC is losing shape on several fronts, with blackening and obvious signs of decay, whereas the conventional Q has one major blemish that continues to shrivel, and darken the tomato. The organic AC is now collapsing on one side, whereas the other two are holding shape, with the control showing more wrinkling.

Conventional Tomatoes-Attempted Copy: 

Conventional Tomatoes-Control:

Conventional Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE:

Organic Tomatoes-Attempted Copy:

Organic Tomatoes-Control:

Organic Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE: 

Day 51:

While the conventional tomatoes are worse overall than the organic, the control is still standing tall. The conventional Attempted Copy is collapsing, as is the organic Attempted Copy, whereas the other two organic are standing with no signs of doing otherwise. The conventional Q, though deteriorating, is standing tall. It is also interesting how the blemish on the organic Q, visible from day 2, has not spread and the weakness there seems to be isolated.

Conventional Tomatoes-Attempted Copy: 

Conventional Tomatoes-Control:

Conventional Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE:

Organic Tomatoes-Attempted Copy:

Organic Tomatoes-Control:

Organic Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE: 

Day 58:

Now it is obvious that all the conventional tomatoes are collapsing, though the conventional Q is not collapsing so much as disappearing while it shrivels. The organics are hanging in there, except for the AC, which looks terrible.

Conventional Tomatoes-Attempted Copy: 

Conventional Tomatoes-Control:

Conventional Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE:

Organic Tomatoes-Attempted Copy:

Organic Tomatoes-Control:

Organic Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE: 

Day 65 (Final Day):

While all the conventional tomatoes have deteriorated well beyond a usable condition, there are some peculiar differences. For example, the control has the largest volume, and the Q the smallest. Yet as you shall see when we describe what was found inside these tomatoes, there is no correlation between a larger volume and health as there is in the organic tomatoes, which, except for the organic AC, are still intact and even fit for use.

Conventional Tomatoes-Attempted Copy: 

Conventional Tomatoes-Control:

Conventional Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE:

Organic Tomatoes-Attempted Copy:

Organic Tomatoes-Control:

Organic Tomatoes-QEnergySpa, BEFE: 

Day 65 Cutting Results:

Conventional Attempted Copy:

The inside was all blackened, interspersed with some white specks and areas of mold.

Conventional Control:

Spores puffed out as I cut the tomato in half. This one was full of mold with some blackened parts.

Conventional QEnergySpa, BEFE:

The inside was uniformly black and spongy, like a mushroom. There was no mold and seeds were clearly visible unlike the others.


Organic Attempted Copy:

The core was hard and blackened, with the surrounding area putrefying.

Organic Control:

Small amount of mold on the exterior stem area, easily excised. The interior shows signs of losing firmness and fulness, but it is, otherwise, still fresh and usable. It goes into tomato sauce.

Organic QEnergySpa, BEFE:

The exterior blemished area has no mold, and shows no influence on the interior pristine condition, which is plump and beautiful. Into the sauce it goes!


The results confirm something we have firmly believed because, firstly, we have so much personal evidence proving it is factual: The very first thing one should do is eat organically as much as possible. Without question the organic control tomato fared way better than the conventional control in this test, showing that, without any other influence, organic is superior in life-force to conventionally grown produce.

A clue about why this is so, which we did not appreciate at first but recorded, because it seemed noteworthy, was that the conventional tomatoes all floated when placed into the tubs of water, whereas only one of the organic ones did. Floating is a sign that there is a higher proportion of water in the tomato compared to nutrients. Sinking is a sign, therefore, of nutrient density. The conventional tomatoes were grown in such a way to attain volume with a higher proportion of water to nutrients.

This was demonstrated by the more rapid and complete deterioration of the non-organic, conventional tomatoes, regardless of treatment. Such deterioration is an indicator of lower nutrient density. It is a simple matter why this is so: Conventional agriculture generally puts back into the soil only three or four nutrients, though over 90 nutrients are depleted with the production of a crop. Organic agriculture, if practiced properly, strives to restore all 90+ nutrients back to the soil in a balanced fashion. The resultant nutritional density is the key to non-chemical aided storability.

Fruit with ideal nutritional balance and density will not rot but rather simply shrivel up and dry around the seeds. This ideal was beautifully demonstrated in the organic control and organic QEnergySpa, BEFE tomatoes. If this is not reason enough to eat organic, it must also be considered that organic food does not have literally dozens of different pesticides applied to it, many of which are widely established carcinogens. Organics are also non-genetically modified. Few people realize it, but a very large percentage of conventional tomatoes are genetically modified.

It just makes sense that injecting wholly unrelated genes and putting chemicals on the food you eat, while treating the soil with isolated elements rather than the full complement God made for the sustenance of life, is short sighted and foolish. Look at the pictures and ask yourself, “Would I rather my body was an organic or conventionally grown tomato?” Going conventional, the outside may look good for a while, but so what if death is spreading from within and overtaking all goodness in short order?

While all three conventional tomatoes deteriorated, the manner in which they deteriorated and the end results leave us with an interesting thought. It appears that the QEnergySpa, BEFE treatment, while not adequate to forestall the collapse of the conventional tomato, provided energy sufficient to be used in the preservation of its seed as you can see below. The purpose of fruit is to provide a means of propagating the plant, and, in this sense, the QEnergySpa, BEFE was successful, because it appears to have best preserved the seed of all three conventional tomatoes. Of these tomatoes, only the one treated by the QEnergySpa, BEFE had no mold and the seeds appeared healthy. Were we to duplicate this experiment we would spend more time evaluating this aspect.

The principle of life-conserving energies operates with any kind of health treatment. An effective device like the QEnergySpa, BEFE will not perform a miracle beyond the laws of nature. It will assist the natural health processes, which are geared to maintain life. If one is lacking essential nutrients and struggling with the impact of toxic chemicals (as a result of conventionally-farmed products), the living systems become weaker and more vulnerable. The first order of business is to restore what is naturally needed and supportive of life.

The organic tomato, having more nutrients (depending on how organically it was grown, the condition of the soil, and the variety) and less stress from a relative absence of toxic chemicals, was able to utilize the energy from the QEnergySpa, BEFE to maintain a more healthful condition. (It is interesting to note that the organic tomato treated by the Q had the lowest nutrient density of the three, yet fared the best, telling us that the effect of the treatment may have added more benefit than even what is seen in the side by side comparison.)

What this means is that effective therapies or treatments will enable superior health only if you are doing the right things for your health in the first place, supplying your body with what it needs and not stressing it with what it doesn’t. Otherwise, you can get benefits, but sooner or later the laws of nature and physical realities will catch up with you.

As for why the organic Attempted Copy tomato rotted while the control did not, it is our thought, based on other observations with people using these devices, that imitation machines create energy waves that cause the body, or tomato, to dump valuable minerals, particularly calcium. Calcium is needed to retain vitality and favourable storage properties in fruit and vegetables, not to mention being important in human health. We had one woman using another device, the Bio-Cleanse (formerly Ion Cleanse), who had the sudden appearance of varicose veins after using it. Upon calling the company, they told her to stay off the machine for six months and to beef up her mineral intake.

The QEnergySpa, BEFE does not have this harmful effect on the body, but rather helps it retain what is needful and lose what is not, thereby enabling it to maintain itself at a higher level. We all should do likewise.

Paul Cohen