QEnergySpa, BEFE History

Below is the version of events that led to the ultimate development and manufacturer of the QEnergySpa, BEFE.

The history of this technology, known as the QEnergySpa, BEFE began in Australia, early 1996 when Mr Terry Skrinjar and colleagues contemplated and debated potential technologies based upon Quantum Reality Field Science (QRFS), a term coined by Terry With a strong interest in alternative health, the question was posed: could QRFS be used to create a device which would have the potential to “Help cure just about anything”? With this challenge, Mr Terry Skrinjar proceeded to draw up design specifications of the worlds very first unit “created to rebalance and amplify the Bio-Energetic Signature of the body” – Mr Terrance John Skrinjar 1997. The intention was to use water as a medium, due to its unique properties.

The picture below represents the very first ‘experimental’ prototype, affectionately referred to as the ‘Junk Yard Dog’ which Mr Terry Skrinjar assembled using items collected from a farm junk yard.

The Very First The initial design of the Gizmo prototype was constructed, consisting of a series of parallel rings to act as an antenna or Array. Scaled up prototype (Gizmo).A company was formed in order to develop and market this innovative product.

The prototype (the Gizmo) was trialled, with a suitable power supply, by Q the Experience using a varied group of people. With numerous benefits reported the commercialisation of this device began. The prototype (the Gizmo) was later called the Array of the Bio-Electric Field Enhancement unit (B.E.F.E. unit), which became the “Q2 Water Energy System”, followed by the “Q2 EnergySpa” and now marketed as the “QEnergySpa, BEFE”.

Measurements and ratios were extremely precise in all the materials, dimensions and methodology of construction that needed to be used to build the original Gizmo. This exactness in every detail was crucial to the outcomes and effectiveness of the field produced and the quality of life force enhancement imparted into the water. Tests conducted by Q the Experience with some minor changes made to the configuration of the Array showed differing results. These results, although not necessarily beneficial or non beneficial to organic life, confirmed the theories and mathematics on which the QEnergySpa, BEFE was built. Furthermore, it aided Q the Experience Australia in refining and optimising the efficiency of the Array. In short, any changes in construction or materials, was found to degrade or alter the quality of life force enhancement.

First Array and Array 2000During the following two years, Q the Experience researched and developed both the original Array and the power source to drive it. Several design changes were made, pictured to the left, to make the unit more user friendly, aesthetic and to allow for commercial production. However the core construct and composition of the rings in the Array remained virtually unchanged.

It was also during this time that Mr. Ivan Serensen joined the company as a Director and Electrical Engineer. Redesigning and built a new power source properly based on the Quantum Resonance principles to power the Array in order to further improve the technology.

Green house drip irrigation Cucumber TrialDuring the development of the original Array housing and the power supply, many trials and experiments were completed including experiments on plants and cut flowers. Microscopic examinations, water analysis and greenhouse trials were performed, as well as the gathering of testimonials from family and friends who continued to benefit from the use of these units. This information was compiled to build up a database of results and testimonials for all plant and animal life.

Results involving plant experiments with cut flowers, for example, showed that those flowers that were watered with enhanced water from the QEnergySpa, BEFE outlasted those watered with ordinary tap water, by up to a week.

Series II ORBWith the potential benefits and its many applications (agricultural, plants & animals), Q the Experience concentrated the majority of its efforts to a more commercialised aspect around the QEnergySpa, BEFE.

In 1999, Q the Experience became International and as such had to comply with the International Electrical Safety Standards which required that the rings and components within the Array had to be fully enclosed, so that the user can not make contact with the rings. This was the impetus and birth of the Orb as shown here.

Today there are thousands of these units throughout the world and the number is growing exponentially as the word spreads about the benefits this technology provides for its many users.