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Truth About Misleading Water Colors

Colors, Dirt and Smells in the Water, post sessions by the QEnergySpa, BEFE Session.

This is potentially more relevant for all so called ionic detox devices and re-sellers claiming detox directly into the water in only 30 minutes from your feet.

No-one will be detoxifying as such, directly into the water in front of your eyes in 35 minutes.  This is a hoax created by irresponsible people wanting to profit using a fantastic visual effect at the expense of people. It is physically and medically impossible. The human body just does not work that way.

Detoxification[2,3,4,5] is NOT a one time magical solution to cure all your ills, it is a 24/7 ongoing normal function of our bodies, it never stops, it never sleeps. It may be degraded, but and we repeat, it never stops and it happens via normal means, ie through your urine, feases and indirectly through your skin. Your skin however is only responsible for less than 10% of all bodily detoxification[7]. The skin is not directly responsible for detoxification but by way of sweating, the sweat is pushing out whatever is deposited in the outer dermal layers, fat tissue, or sweat glands by your circulation.

Looking at the sweat alone[4,5]. No technology, no medication, no other methods, just perspiration. Sweat contains mainly water, but also, minerals, lactate and urea. The minerals vary with the individual, with compounds such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and trace elements such as zinc, copper, iron, chromium, nickel, lead and other even less abundant elements. Regardless of the element/compound we are only looking at minute trace elements.

Let us just for minute, take up to 10% of all bodily detoxification through your skin and then by using your feet only, let us just say for the moment that your feet is about 5% of your bodily surface area (ignoring different sweat gland build up in certain areas of the body) That means that only 5% of the 10% of all bodily detoxification will be going through your feet. What this means is that you would have to sweat through your feet alone continuously day and night for over 200 days straight, in order to detoxify as much as you would in one urination. In fact the percentage is actually a lot less, based on a biochemist’s study from 1932[7], being from 1.5% to 7%, which makes this statement even greater.. Imagine that, sweat for over a year through your feet, day and night in order to detox as much as you do in one urination. Add to that, that men and women sweat differently[6] most men a lot more than females, so for most females this is even greater again. Apparently females are more efficient at keeping cool.

Even if you could double or triple, even quadruple the process of toxic elimination through your feet alone using ionization or electrolysis or some other technology, in 35 minutes, if that was to work!, this is still insignificant to the point of being useless when compared to the body’s standard urination and detoxification process.

We have had discussions with a doctor who would swear that she saw parasites leave the feet during an ionizing foot-bath treatment, so this doctor not only believes that the body detoxifies through the feet in 30 minutes, but also that the body gets rid of parasites. In light of the above, which is more likely. Are there any open pores on the human body large enough that would allow internal parasites to leave to confines of the body? We think not.

Although the color in the water, the dirt and the smell changes during a session with the Q, BEFE and is quite interesting and a point of discussion[1,11], only trace elements will come from the outer dermal layers of the person in the session, by far the majority of the colors, dirt and smells comes from the water itself and from the breakdown of the water module. You may be able to find similarities in the colors, but as we mentioned, do not rely on it.

Guess what?

The steels[9], copper & brass [10] and other materials used in the water modules just happens to contain most of the toxic elements purported to be eliminated from the body in these so called detox footbaths. Such as zinc, copper, iron, carbon, magnesium, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, titanium, tin, aluminium, niobium, sulphur, silica, silver and many more. Do you see what we are getting at here?. There are even purported copies of the technology claiming to electroplate their electrodes with platinum to prevent a breakdown and make them last longer. Again, it is a hoax.

Water color outcome after QEnergySpa, BEFE sessions for 13 different people on the same day in the same room at the same time.
Water color outcome after QEnergySpa, BEFE sessions for 13 different people on the same day in the same room at the same time.

In summary, the dirt, colors and smells in the water during a session with the QEnergySpa, BEFE do NOT come directly from you.
Nor would it with any of the so call detox footbaths or any other technology, available anywhere in the world, most of which purported to be copies of copies of the QEnergySpa, BEFE. They are not. They are simple ionization and electrolysis devices. There are no complex interactive fields and no other life sustaining reactions. They are made specifically to create dirt in water. Any electrodes and lots of salt in water will do that. They are nothing like the Q, BEFE. The Q, BEFE is a Bio-Energy therapy technology. Effectively a Bio-Energy Supplement, potentially assisting your body in its ability to heal itself. Powerful, yet simple.

So why do the colors, dirt and even smell keep changing, sometimes with every bath/session with the QEnergySpa, BEFE and more so with these claimed ionic detox devices?

Although the person in the water with the Q, affect the outcome in the water, there are a lot of other parameters that also do so, but it does NOT come directly from them. This is one of the world’s biggest hoaxes that we will all soon have to deal with. Because as you probably tried, the water also gets dirty even if no one is in the water. Does that mean that the container detoxified or the plastic bag they may have used?

Our point is that the technology is all about Bio-Energy Therapy[1 (real cellular energy, Internal),8 (ethereal energy, External)], giving the body the energy needed to heal itself at the level of water and based upon universal laws of physics (law of equilibrium or balance). By laws of physics, it is not possible to have a high level of charge next to a low charge, they will end up balancing each other. However, since the bio-energy in the water is constantly being renewed through the resonant charging process, this balancing effect will end up at the higher level of energy maintained during the session with the Q, BEFE. This increase of energy in the water will traverse the body from cell to cell, much like a domino effect, as we mentioned, this is unavoidable. An increase in energy at the cellular level also means the every organ in the body will function more efficiently as all the cells within it function more efficiently and that is why you will be able to measure an increase in toxic elimination from Urine after a session with the Q, BEFE. It is why you will be able to measure a difference in oxygenation of the blood and see the positive difference directly on blood cells under a microscope and also be able to see a remarkable difference using meridian based diagnostics such as the MEDEC’s BioGraph. Every medical diagnostic tool we have ever tried, have all shown a difference before and after a session with the Q, BEFE, including the Scanar, spinal thermometer readings and even aura photos.

Never, ever rely on any water color or smell and certainly never diagnose from them accordingly, doing so could end up being quite detrimental for you. There are plain simply far too many parameters[11] that also affect the colors in the water, including the water source, temperature, altitude, the lunar cycle, the container, the person, the clothes the person is wearing, their DNA, their lifestyle, what they ate last night, smoking, but even their emotional state at the time of the Q, BEFE Session. The colors can also change with each session and sometimes you won’t get any color, dirt or smell at all and that is ok, it is still working, remember it is not about the color.

Also note that two different water modules (orbs) may not produce the same amount of dirty water but this does not mean that they work any differently or one working more or less than the other. Also changing the Rings in the Orb can and will also change the outcome in the water. Again, we are not after the seen colors in the water, but the unseen energy derived within the water. This is what the body utilises.

It is about Bio-Energy Supplementation[1]. Again, that is it. Because this technology works from the base of water, it works for all life. In fact at times it appears that the technology works even better for animals and plants. In fact in the horse trial, the horses came running in for their session, whenever the car came around. Dogs and cats have been known to want to lie on the spot where you just had your session.

The technology is not about Detoxification[2,3,4,5,7,8]

It is NOT about detoxification directly into the water. With the Q, BEFE, you have a complex dynamic field established in the water [12] which is what excites or resonates with the water to effectively make more energy available (excitation by electrical means), much like shaking a bucket of sand, you can now put more in. But it is the same energy that is already in water. Nothing new is created and nothing new is added. Therefore, it is the same energy also present in the all living matter, be it human, animal or plant. It would also therefore stand to reason that, if it is the same energy that is already here, then you should not feel anything, during the process. Try to put your tongue on the terminals of a 9 Volt battery, it hurts, does it not. That is because the energy is not compatible. The energy within water is very compatible. There are people who can feel the energy travel through their bodies, not all but some.

That said, since we began in 1996 one of the things we have noticed is that the body seems to start by cleaning house, ie detoxifying itself, at least clear a pathway. JUST NOT DIRECTLY INTO THE WATER. We cannot say that anymore clearly. Have your urine sample examined, that is where you will see the change.


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Water Colors & Smells: The bio-electric field effect and or energy quality from the use of the QEnergySpa, BEFE is derived from the interaction of the complex resonant field created within the water by the water module, the ORB. All ionic or electrolysis processes ONLY results in discoloration and precipitation within the water and although interesting and a point of discussion, it is irrelevant to the process and effect. There are far too many parameters that affect the colors and smells of the water after use of the QEnergySpa, BEFE (or any other similar kind of technology) and although every person’s outcome in the water is different (you affect the outcome, but it does not come from you), please remember that you cannot and should NEVER diagnose or rely on the water colors and or smells in any way.

Point is: That all colors, dirt and smells are irrelevant. Ignore them

Disclaimer: Please note. Q the Experience, Future Life Science and QBiotechnologies Pty Ltd has no medical staff. All articles written and all texts published, unless otherwise stated are purely from an engineering perspective with 20 years experience with the technology and online related research. All medical facts and statements should be independently verified.

Disclaimer: Please note that the QEnergySpa, BEFE Technology  is not offered, nor intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or health condition and is not a medical device. Use only as directed and consult your primary health care provider if you have any medical concerns and/or if symptoms persists.

Disclaimer: All information relative to the product on this website is intended for educational purposes ONLY.

Disclaimer: The QEnergySpa, BEFE, although evolved significantly since, was listed with the TGA Australia (FDA equivalent) for many years as a water treatment device/technology.

This product in it’s current evolved form, has not been evaluated by the FDA/TGA as a medical device