Water Conductivity

The conductivity of the water may affect the operation of the QEnergySpa. In order to operate, the conductivity needs to be within a certain range. Illustrated below are suggestions of actions that may be taken, in the event that your water is outside of this range.

When water conductivity is insufficient

If, when you turn the system on, no lights appear on the “Activity Level” display (Models 3100 and 2500) or if the “Action” light when illuminated, display “Lo” (Model 4105), this indicates insufficient conductivity in the water. Following the steps below should identify and rectify this problem:

  1. Check all connections between the Power Supply and the Orb to ensure that they are not corroded and are correctly connected.
  2. Check that the cable connector is making proper contact with the eyelet of the positive track and the brass rod which is protruding from the top of the Orb shell.
  3. Inspect the positive Rings and Track within the Orb for excessive wear and replace when visibly pitted and worn.
  4. Check the setting of the ‘Power Level Selector’ (Models 3100 and 2500); it may be set at the lowest of its three settings. Try adjusting the toggle switch of the ‘Power Level Selector’ on the front of the unit to a higher setting (e.g. “Med” or “High”). This can be done by pushing the toggle switch from left to right, illuminating more lights on the display panel.
  5. If the first four (4) steps did not isolate the problem, the conductivity of your water may be too low. To remedy this you can:

Dissolve 100 grams (4 ounces) of pure salt (Sea Salt or Rock Salt) into 500 ml (1 pint) of hot water. Store this ‘conductive agent’ in a re-sealable bottle or container for easy use. One teaspoon of ‘conductive agent’ per 15 litre tub is normally equivalent to one extra light on the display panel.


Bore water is highly conductive and may be used as an alternative ‘conductive agent’.

Note: Using ‘conductive agent’ usually results in increased discolouration and sedimentation at the end of the session.

If undiluted salt is used, add no more than ½ to 1 teaspoon of salt to your water for optimal activity reading on the display. Ensure that you mix well before having session. More salt added than the above mentioned limit will wear the Orb components prematurely. To prevent premature wearing, minimal ‘conductive agent’ should be added so that the Models 2500 and 3100 shows 2 – 3 lights, plus the systems light (on the highest setting). For the 4105 Model a reading between 20 and 30 is ideal. Exact readings are not essential.

Note: When adding conductive agent, it is not necessary to have a maximum reading on the display and will not improve the efficiency of the unit. As long as effervescence is visibly emitted from the Orb, it will function and produce the results as designed.

When water conductivity is excessive

In the event that the available water is too conductive; tank water, distilled or reverse osmosis water can be added.

Before diluting, please check the setting of the ‘Power Level Selector’ (Model 3100 and 2500). It may be set too high. Adjust the ‘Power Level Selector’ to a lower setting.