Bath or Footbath

Full body bathing versus foot bathing.

Having studied the dilution factor and efficiency in relation to the volume of water, it would become quite evident that for absolute best results the QEnergySpa should be used in a bathtub with the entire body immersed and using only 3.5 times their weight in litres of water or less.

However, the abundant bio-energy or bio-charge in the water during and after a session with the Q is significantly large. So large in fact that the dilution factor becomes almost insignificant. Years of experience with the foot baths confirms that for all practical purposes, the substantial benefits of the QEnergySpa is significant whether you use the full body bath or a foot bath. At the very most, our experience has shown that using footbaths alone may mean that the addition of one or two more sessions in each cycle may be all that is needed to achieve the same results as that achieved from the use of a full body bath.

The distance from the water module.

During a session with the QEnergySpa, the interactive field from the water module extends outward to a diameter of approximately 1.3metres, giving a total volume that the QEnergySpa is capable of energising of 10,000 litres. Outside this diameter’s distance away from the water module, the water is still affected, but to a lesser degree and more so similar to the domino effect from water molecule to molecule. For that reason, it is recommended that you place the water module in the middle of the bathtub and not down the end, near your feet to make sure that your entire body will be within the QEnergySpa’s complex field of influence.
As we mentioned in the beginning of this document, the findings herein are based upon theoretical calculations.
Please understand that there is more to the story. For example, the distance between the body and the water module and the distance to the bodily extremities from the water module. However, since 1996 people have been experiencing numerous and various benefits and these decreases in efficiencies and dilution factors have never come up, nor have they ever become a factor in the results achieved. Our wishes are that you can use this information to obtain absolute maximum and optimal results for you, within your life’s constraints. But that it is generally not necessary.

Water Temperature.

The optimal water temperature for your footbath or full body bath is between 17°C and 38°C, this temperature would seem a little cold for most people and could be uncomfortable and again, while this temperature may be the optimal, the difference in the results that you may obtain is insignificant and could easily be overlooked.