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QEnergySpa, BEFE – Conversion of a Sceptic

Conversion of a Sceptic

I have always been a sceptic. I’ve found it to be a useful trait in this ‘New Age’, in particular when it comes to health and healing.  As a Natural Health Practitioner I have also learnt to keep an open mind, which is just as well of I might otherwise have passes by the Gizmo (QEnergySpa, BEFE), and so missed the most astounding health tool I have ever encountered.

I first saw it bubbling unobtrusively away in a bucket of scummy looking water at one of the mini Health and Harmony expos that’s held at the Raptis Plaza in Surfers every second Friday of the month.  The front of the brochure read BIO-ELECTRIC FIELD ENHANCEMENT UNIT, BEFE. O.K…. “But what does it do? I asked “it’s used in the bathtub to re-balance and amplify the bio-electric signature of your body” explained the man behind the Q-Tech Laboratories desk. “That’s nice” I smiles, trying to look suitably impressed, “but what does it actually DO?” Realising that he was talking to a less than technical being, he started explaining the health benefits of the Gizmo – otherwise know as the BEFE Unit. How it did everything from purify the water to increasing vitality and relieving pain.

I examined the little round plastic and metal unit more closely. It didn’t look all that impressive. “Prove it! Lend me a unit, I’ll use it on a variety of people and test hem to see if it makes any difference.” – As I use Kinesiology as my diagnostic tool, it would be a simple enough matter to establish whether or not it actually did what he said it could do and I am always interested in anything that might benefit my clients.

A few days later I stood looking down at the Gizmo (QEnergySpa, BEFE) in my bathtub, peering anxiously along the cords that went from the unit to the transformer and then into the electricity socket in the wall. “Are you SURE there is no chance of it electrocuting me?” “Absolutely none!” I did one final muscle test to make sure it was safe, turned the power on, and climbed into the bath.

It was a good time to try it out, my body had been retracing and I’d been having a few joint problems. My right elbow had just got to the point of being so sore and swollen that I couldn’t reach to do up my bra – not a good image for a healer!  After a few minutes I decided to lie back and mediate, I’d know soon enough whether or not it worked, and I was O.K. so far. 35 minutes later the timer went off and I opened my eyes… and freaked! The bath water had turned murky, muddy brown with BITS floating in it and the ring around the bath was a couple of inches wide! YUK!! I leapt out, turned it off and examined the water I had been lying in.

When the Q-Tech people had told me that it first filters the water to clear it of impurities, and then proceeds to eliminate toxins from the body, I hadn’t given it much though. Now faced with the mucky evidence I was amazed – and very glad that the icky looking substance around the edge of the bath was no longer in my body! I ran some tests and the results were extremely impressive. Organs, glands, even emotions balanced and enhanced. None the less, I didn’t feels all that different and my elbow was still very sore.

I put judgement on hold and went to bed. The next morning I woke up and my elbow was back to normal! No swelling, no pain, completely mobile! It was time to try it on someone else. MY mother had a variety of health problems. “What will it do?” she asked “Not sure Mum, I’ve only just starting testing it, but I can guarantee it won’t hurt you, and look what it did for me after only one bath!” I happily twirled my new elbow under her nose. She got in the bath without further argument.  45 minutes later I knew two things for sure. I would have to buy some really heavy duty bath cleaner and there was DEFINITELY more to this Gizmo (QEnergySpa, BEFE) thing than met the eye. “Mum, its testing up that it’s taken your bladder function from 55% to 90% and that incontinence has been reduced by 90%!” We looked at each other in disbelief.  16 years ago my Mum had a badly botched operation that resulted in constant severe incontinence. The quality of her life had been greatly affected because of it. How could half and hour in the bath with a Gizmo (QEnergySpa, BEFE) possibly have fixed such a massive long term problem like that?  For the first time in years I actually doubted my testing but the body doesn’t lie and the proof would be in the pudding so to speak. It tested that another bath would take the problem down to 3%, meantime I followed my poor Mum around waiting for her to cough or sneeze. I even frightened her to see if that would have an effect!  NOTHING HAPPENED!!! Time after time she’d cough, I’d make her go off and check, she’d come back to report a completely dry pad.
It took weeks before she could really believe that the problem had gone and that she could live a normal life again. I still find it hard to wrap my mind around!  My research continues with more ‘miracles’ everyday across an astonishingly wide range of ailments. The Gizmo (QEnergySpa, BEFE) works better on some people than on others. Some clients need a full course of 14 baths over a 28 day period to find their way back to wellness; others need only one or two. It depends on the problem and the person.

One thing’s for sure though, I’m no longer a sceptic – as far as the BEFE Unit is concerned anyway. I’ve not only bought one,  I’m now selling them! I still don’t completely understand exactly how they work, (for that you’ll have to ring the technical people at Q – Tech) I don’t even feel the need to know anymore, I’m just happy and grateful that the technology is
available. It’s changed our lives, and the lives of my clients, for ever.

Samantha Joy practices ‘Ultimate Kinesiology’ from her Gold Coast base.  She specialising in relieving pain, stress, illness and negative patterns, and actually guarantees positive results.